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The Brand

Josefina, Ernestina, Valentina, Pilar, Trini. Maria Trotta baptized with first names to their handbags. Her creations are called equal as the most important women of her life: her daughter, her niece, her friends. Thus, the models embody the way of being like each one of them: "it is a cute way to identify them and give them personality. My daughter is called Olivia and loves to have a handbag with her name," says the designer.


Once Upon a time ...

The story of the brand started in front of the fireplace. In that place of the house in Cariló, María Soledad Trotta’s father used to work making belts. The engineer made them because he liked and loved to do them, as a traditional break taken during his holidays. One afternoon, when he was working with the leather and he met with his family around the fire, Alfredo asked: “why don´t you manufacture bags?”. His wife and daughter loved this idea and believed it could be a productive business... After all there is no woman in the world who does not want to buy any handbag. Thus, the company began to operate, managed by mother and daughter under their same name: María Trotta. The speech therapist and the accountant began the entrepreneurship to explore her more artistic side and to give women a form of expression through their wardrobe. The first handbag was historic. It came out of the workshop on July 9, 2007, an important date for Maria Cristina and Maria Soledad Trotta that happened in an unforgettable day: it snowed in Buenos Aires and they departed from the tannery with the newly born in a car covered with white swabs.


The product

100% Argentine leather. It is manufactured with the highest quality raw material which is additionally personalized through laminate, carved and dyed. The bags are unique. The mix of leathers of different textures and colors makes its differential.


Magic Hands

The production process is so personalized that the parts could also have a surname, from the workshop facilitator’s who made handcrafted one by one. Each collection is a limited Edition of 120 copies, an amount reduced that ensures the exclusivity of each bag. To have a María Trotta product is to have a tailored handbag, with only 3 items per model.


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